Once unavailable, courier service offers dry cleaning in Southern Oregon

A Coos Bay business is set to open its doors this Friday, October 6, bringing in dry cleaning services missing in the Bay Area, by way of Eugene.

Sarah Leahy, owner of Silver Linings Couriers, says before her official opening, she’s already made runs for customers and dropped off reusable bags to others planning to have clothing transported up to The Cleanery in Eugene.

Working with several other cleaners as well, Leahy offers shoe repair, laundry, dry cleaning and secure parcel transport.

A conversation with a member of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce inspired Leahy, who recently left her role as office manager for the Chamber, to open the business.

‘We don’t have a wash and fold service or dry cleaning specifically. People move here, they expect that as a service. I’m collecting the bags and then bringing them back and then we’re going to have them loaded up and brought up to Eugene,’ said Leahy. ‘I don’t want to come back from Eugene empty, so if there’s another product that we need to have brought to the coast, those are things I want to help with.’

Each bag has a set cost plus the cost of processing which includes gas mileage, and customers may request a quote for services.

On Thursday, the BACC will host Silver Lining Couriers’ ribbon cutting at the 999 Building on Front St. in Coos Bay.

“It is truly one of the organizations in the community that I really feel brings so much to the table for the business community. It’s providing networking opportunities that happen regularly where you’re building a community. It’s not perfect,” she said. “The Chamber community, there’s a lot of support there. There’s a lot of love. I’m just incredibly proud of the business community in the Bay Area.”

Leahy says she’s currently talking to numerous larger organizations like The Mill Casino and Bay Area Hospital to set up services.

Once larger accounts are established, she’ll begin hiring more staff, but says owning her own cleaning business may not be her next move, citing costs associated with owning a dry cleaner along with Environmental Protection Agency regulations for the area as reasons local cleaners shut down.

Silver Lining Couriers’ ribbon cutting and open house is from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday.

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